Did You Know That Rhymes and Pictures

Can Make It Easier for Children to Learn Spanish?

This calendar includes amazing pictures from the lovely books that Elsa Beskow created. This calendar will help your family learn the months of the year as well as Spanish words from those lovely and whimsical pictures. And... you will  receive also the audios!  

What will my child learn with this calendar?

It will help your family start learning:

                - The months of the year

                - Words connected to the pictures

But not only that, month by month I will be sending you the audios of each month so you will be able to listen and learn how to pronounce everything!


Who am I and why I can teach your child Spanish?

I am Laura, and I am a busy mom of two little boys. 

I am also from Spain and after I studied journalism and communications, I learnt how to teach Spanish as a second language. 

When I had my first child I was the only one source of Spanish in his life. I needed to find THE WAY to teach him like a native speaker in a non-native speaker environment. And I found it!

Storytelling, singing and rhymes became the way. They made a special connection in his heart and brain.

It became a ritual at home, a way to spend nice calming time together. A way to bring routines...

I want to bring that to your family too. There is a way to learn like a native. And this calendar is the first step towards it.


Join me and start learning! 

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