Circle Time - La Asamblea Membership


Weekly Spanish Circle Time for families by subscription

Each week you will receive in your email access to a circle time in Spanish that will include Songs, Rhymes, and bimonthly sweet Story, that I will feature with handmade puppets or by using hand signs, gestures, and movements. 

A gentle and fun way to get immersed in the beauty of the Spanish Language. 

Ages: 3 to 100 and beyond :-) You just need to love stories and still connect with your inner child if you are not anymore one :-) 

Length: from 15 minutes to 30 minutes approximately. It will vary depending on the length of the songs, rhymes, and story. 

Access: This subscription will give you access to the weekly pre-recorded videos with the seasonal Circle Time or Asambleas, previous Circle Times, and Asambleas, as well as available bonuses located in the membership area.