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Waldorf-Inspired Spanish 

Circle Time & Live Lessons

The Natural Way to Learn Spanish  

Creative Spanish Learning through Storytelling, Songs, Rhymes and Art Work

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Following the Seasonal Rhythms, I introduce your children to the Spanish Language in a very gentle, fun, non-intrusive and effective way.

A way that just brings you and your children to love the language, to love the experience, to want to learn more. 

My sessions connect the child with the natural way children learn a language in a native environment

Together, we learn songs, rhymes and we enjoy the beautiful art of storytelling, through puppets that I create with wool and natural materials. 

"I wanted to take a moment to share with you the amazing resource we have found to supplement our Spanish study this year! Laura, with Waldorf-inspired Spanish Lessons, has created a beautiful community with stories, music, puppet shows and language lessons all in one playful and sweet package. What really sells it though is Laura's warmth and personality. Your kids will be enchanted!" Amber Lynn Hellewell, Homeschooling mom, curriculum creator and owner of the Waldorf Inspired ETSY Store Hearth Magic.

Ready to start enjoying the magic of storytelling while learning Spanish? 

Waldorf - Inspired Spanish Circle Time

by Subscription

In this subscription service you will enjoy an array of Waldorf Inspired Spanish materials to use in your home, classroom or school.

  • Seasonal Spanish songs 
  • Seasonal Spanish finger stories 
  • Two Seasonal Spanish Puppet Stories
  • Support Learning Materials 
  • Seasonal artwork in a Tutorial format 
  • Song Tutorials so you  and your family can learn easily how to pronounce the words.



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 Live Online

Waldorf-Inspired Spanish Lessons

Following the Waldorf principles, I hold a Spanish space where we learn seasonal songs, rhymes with gestures and movements to introduce the children to the Spanish language in context, like a native child would learn.

The storytelling will bring up the specific theme of the sessions as well as part of the vocabulary. 

And we will end the class by doing together an art activity connected to the story. 

Each class has:

  • Seasonal Spanish Songs and/or Rhymes
  • Seasonal Spanish Puppet Story
  • Interactive language activities (oral)
  • Creative hand work or art work 

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I have created a gentle and creative environment where children can develop their language skills in an effective way.

Naturally Playful - Waldorf-Inspired Spanish
Sarada - Mom of 6 year old Luna

“These classes are fun! They are interactive, gentle and fun, small class sizes, good length for young children on computers, storytime worked well, children wanted to do the craft. And my child is playing with Spanish words in play around the house. I would recommend them!".”

Mom of 6 year old Luna

Naturally Playful - Waldorf-Inspired Spanish
 Michele - Washington.

“My girls are loving the class. Today they were asking if anyone was
wearing rojo. Who has seen a pájaro! More progress than our casual