Who am I? Why can I teach your children Spanish?



Gracias for being here!

I am Laura. 

I am a busy mom of two little boys. 

I am also from Salamanca, Spain.

After I studied journalism and communications in University, I learnt how to teach Spanish as a second language. 

When I had my first child I was the only one source of Spanish in his life. I needed to find THE WAY to teach him like a native speaker in a non-native speaker environment. And I found it!

Storytelling, singing and rhymes became the way. They made a special connection in his heart and brain.

It became a ritual at home, a way to spend nice and  calming time together. A way to bring up routines...

I want to bring that to your family too. There is a way to learn like a native. And our circle time by subscription and the live Spanish lessons are a great way to do it! 

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Meet my wooly family

As an experienced second language learner (I started to learn English when I was 11 but I didn't learn much), I had to discover ways to teach that will not take my students through the same path I went.

I know how frustrating can be to invest hours and not to get anywhere, and on top of that, become extremely self-aware when speaking those weird sounds, and bored to the moon.

Being able to teach creatively, allowed me, as a teacher, to always be excited about the process we are going to start. 

I transfer that excitement to my students, and they get as excited as I am too! And that helps magic happen as they release the fear to speak, the awkwardness of a new language and just join the fun!

My wooly family is developing as I adapt and create new stories. I create through the needle felting technique most of my characters. There is not a dull moment!

I hope you can enjoy this space I have created as much as I do. 

Ready to start enjoying the magic of storytelling while learning Spanish?

Your child will not even notice that is learning a different language! 

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I am also very blessed to have the opportunity to work with Amber Hellewells materials. She is a wonderful illustrator and you will see a lot of her art in my website, learning materials and more. 

You can find more of her work in her ETSY store. There you will find creative curriculum materials, storytelling sets...  

Hearth Magic ETSY Store

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Naturally Playful - Waldorf-Inspired Spanish

“Laura is very passionate about what she does.”

Mom of Gavin and Spencer

Naturally Playful - Waldorf-Inspired Spanish

“My son has been singing the song from class all day. Something has clicked for him today. So sweet. ”

mom of 8 year old boy

Naturally Playful - Waldorf-Inspired Spanish

“My daughter is looking forward to the class every week. Loves to see the teacher and has lost shyness of speaking "strange" sounds. She feels confident trying to say words.”

Mom of Elowyn