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Elowyn working in her Life Cycle of the apple Nov 2020

Why to learn through Rhymes and Songs?

We are made of music and rhythm: our heartbeat is a constant internal music and rhythm we follow without thinking. 

How many of us have learnt a song when we were young that we still sing at our 40's? 

It helps remember, it helps integrate the language in a natural way and it helps resonate with our inner selves in a very deep way.

Why is Storytelling important?

Stories are great teachers.

The puppet stories I develop for the classes are a visual representation of the main topic of the class. They are the lead.

It allows the child to be in contact with the language as if immersed in the language, in a very gentle and open way. It allows the language to enter and be part of the student's life naturally, like it would happen with their native languages. 

Gnome home with tree and pegdolls
Coral and Sonja Burrows Puzzle Bord that could not fly south Dec 17 2020

Why Art?

Our brains and hands are connected.

We learn by doing. And not only that, when we are able to create and we enter in a creative process, the connection is deeper and more significant. Therefore, the ability to remember increases. 

When you register to our Waldorf-Inspired Spanish Lessons

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  • Small classes
  • Seasonal Spanish Songs, Rhymes and Stories 
  • A native teacher from Spain
  • A memorable online learning experience
  • Materials to use at home
  • Interactive sessions full of fun

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What people are saying about the classes

Naturally Playful - Waldorf-Inspired Spanish
Armida - Waldorf Teacher

“ I wanted to share how impressed we are with your program. As teachers we are very picky 😅 and we are just amazed at your classroom management and creativity. Great work!”

Waldorf Teacher

Naturally Playful - Waldorf-Inspired Spanish
Melanie - Mom of Oliver

“I loved watching Oliver participate and sign along”

Mom of Oliver

Naturally Playful - Waldorf-Inspired Spanish
Sonja - Yoga Teacher

“I love seeing my child engaged and happy”

Yoga Teacher

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