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Bring Waldorf into Your Home in an Easy Way
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Have you thought your child can learn a language

while having fun? 

Are you struggling to bring songs and storytelling to your home?

Would you love your child to learn another language but it seems too difficult?

Have you tried to teach Spanish to your child but you are missing tools

Are you a teacher looking for inspiration for your Spanish Classes? 

If you have said yes to any of these questions, you just found what you were looking for.

When you subscribe to our Waldorf-Inspired Circle Time - La Asamblea, you will find:

  • A gentle way to introduce your child to a new language
  • Seasonal Spanish Songs, Rhymes and Stories 
  • A way to brighten your day and enrich your child's life 
  • A simple, flexible, always accessible and joyful program to bring the magic of storytelling into your home 
  • Videos, video tutorials, MP3's... all ready for you to replicate at home or in your classroom 
  • Inspiration

Bring the Magic into Your Home

 Your children will smile more. You will smile more.

The world will feel like a better, less stressful place. 

And, actually, it will become a better place, because at that exact moment,

there will be more smiles and calmness in the world. And we will feel them in our hearts too. 

Here there are some benefits of learning a new language:

Openness to the world

By being exposed to a different language, we give the opportunity to our children to open up their minds to other cultures. 

Development of Intelligence and Creativity

Singing and Storytelling will develop the intelligence and creativity of your children, through imagination.

Connection with other aspects of themselves

Each language resonates in different parts and aspects of our inner-selves. Spanish connects us with our heart, with openness, with relationships... 


"I love the sweet storytelling and introduction of Spanish vocabulary through the stories & songs." Cheryl, Seattle.

Choose your best fit and start enjoying!

All three memberships include:

 - An immersive Spanish experience for your family or students with a Spanish teacher from Spain.

The Circle time sessions are presented in a video format that you can watch anytime. 

 - Spanish Seasonal songs and finger stories that will be offered in video and MP3 format 

 - Spanish Puppet shows in a video format as part of the Circle Time Sessions

 - Materials to work on concepts that have been brought through the Rhymes, Songs, and the Puppet shows in pdf

 - Weekly creative artwork and craft ideas to work at home from needle felting to puppets, all connected to the materials seen in the sessions as video tutorial or written materials depending on the case. Mostly there will be videos ;-) 

 - Spanish songs or rhymes to support daily Rhythms, both in videos in a structured learning session to learn pronunciation, for those parents that do not have Spanish as their first language.

 - Mp3's with the songs

- A unique experience to learn Spanish naturally, using immersion and in-context learning.

- A family experience to grow and learn together.

- A community of families learning along and sharing the same journey.  

Family Membership

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Only for families. 

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Individual Teacher Membership

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School Membership

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Naturally Playful - Waldorf-Inspired Spanish

“I loved watching Oliver participate and sign along"”

Mom of Oliver

Naturally Playful - Waldorf-Inspired Spanish

“I love seeing my child engaged and happy”

Mom of Coral

Some benefits of Storytelling: 

     - develop listening and communication skills

     - improve concentration and memory

     - bring experiences alive

     - increase understanding

        of life situations 

     - develop empathy

     - show different points of view

     - increases vocabulary

     - create a sense of wonder

        and help sequence events 

Let's make sure that we tell them the stories that help them develop into honest, creative and balanced human beings. 


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What is the price?

The family subscription is $27.25 per month if you purchase it annually and $37 per month if you purchase it monthly. We have also a subscription for usage in classrooms and schools. You can cancel at any time; there is no commitment.

The Teacher membership is $35.17 if you purchase it annually and $43.50 per month if you purchase it monthly. You can cancel at any time; there is no commitment.

The School membership is $47.33 if you purchase it annually and $59.9 per month if you purchase it monthly. You can cancel at any time; there is no commitment.

Where do I watch the videos?

The videos are available via a private library in the member's area of the website.

When do I have access to the videos?

The videos are available every Monday morning and are organized by the day of the week. You will have access to the full week (Monday through Friday) each Monday. 

Are they live?

They are all pre-recorded. Although, the idea is to transfer a live feeling so very little editing will be done. I am trying to bring a lot of spontaneity to the videos so I can transfer "me" :-) 

How long are the videos?

The circle time sessions are delivered in videos that will last between 15-30 minutes.

The craft videos may vary according to the craft we are doing. 

And the songs for the daily rhythm will be about 10 minutes approximately. Including the learning time, which I will break down for you to learn if Spanish is not your first language. 

What ages is this program intended for?

For children that Spanish is not their first language, the program is for children ages 2.5 years old to 12 years old approximately. 

For children that have Spanish as a first language, the program is for children ages 2.5 years old to 9 years old approximately. 

And then each child is so different! Some older children would love it even past the age I feel it is appropriate <3

Can I cancel anytime?

Can I cancel anytime?

What is the content material for each day of the week?

Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays: Circle time with a puppet show and materials to download and learn Spanish through them.

Tuesdays: Art-work day. You will have materials to enhance the learning with handwork ideas for the parent, for the child, and for the family. 

Thursdays: daily rhythms song. It will come with a learning process to support the non-Spanish speakers. :-)