Spring Flash Cycle - 1 child

These classes will be focused on learning Spanish through a Puppet show, songs, and art. The storyline will guide the learning.

In each of my classes there are a few important components:

- A puppet show, that will help us learn in-context materials and sentences.

- A song that we will learn together.

- Art to support long-term memory

- A lot of opportunities for the children to talk with me and among the rest of the children in Spanish.

- Lots of laughter and love, because those will make learning a memorable experience from the heart out. 

This is a very special cycle I usually don't open. 

Most of my classes are full. 

I will open a special class to host this cycle.

Available Classes: 

Wednesdays 12. 30 pm Central Time

Thursdays 11.30 am Central Time

If none of those hours work for you, please let me know by sending me an email to hola@waldorfinspiredspanish.com 

Have a wonderful day!


Spring Flash Cycle! Simplero